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inlux designs and develops mobile apps that delight your users and grow your business. We work with individuals and organisations to create products and help them to market to the target audience.

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Website and Mobile App Development

Build the right product with Inlux Intelligence which delivers high value to users.

With our experience in marketing mass consumer products, we help you to build your dream product at the lowest cost and quick market release.

Collabo Kochi
  • 1
    We will start by a brainstorming session to understand your requirement

    Your app and website product is understood in detail to understand the functionality and the development time and cost required to implement the project.

  • 2
    Build and MVP with reliability and quality

    The best approach for mobile app development is to release a Minimum Viable Product to the market as soon as possible and give it to your targeted customers.

  • 3
    Create a marketing and sales strategy

    Marketing the product in the right language to the right audience is the key in mass consumers technology products and we will help you to build a marketing campaign based on your budget.

  • 4
    Iterate the product and scale

    We have worked with many startups in Kerala where we have added features and tools based on MVP feedback, and scale to multiple cities and countries in a lean approach.